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FieldAssist International B.V. offers the best business software solution for the efficient digitalisation of field service paper processes. Automate and optimise your scheduling and field service operations efficiently using field service software from FieldAssist. It makes real-time information available to both your planners and your field service engineers and allows them to make changes immediately. The result? Increased efficiency and customer satisfaction, and a reduction in costs.

FieldAssist optimises your business at each stage of the service process:

Orders and Inspections

  • Real-time display
  • Link to back office / ERP system
  • No more work orders or inspection lists on paper


  • Scheduling according to the calendar, per field service engineer or on the basis of urgency
  • Insight into availability
  • Real-time display of each status update

Journey logging and time sheets

  • Insight into travelling, working and non-productive hours
  • Input for management reports
  • Smart navigation through navigation link

Stock management

  • Manage stocks in warehouse and on vehicles
  • Exchange parts between field service engineers
  • Part registration

Administration and Invoicing

  • Data made available automatically
  • Shorter invoicing process
  • Seamless link to ERP system


  • Database is a rich source of data
  • A valuable management tool
  • 18 standard management reports
Digital and efficient

Lost work orders, field service engineers that have been double booked, paper inspection lists and missing parts are all things of the past thanks to FieldAssist’s field service software.

About FieldAssist

FieldAssist has been providing the best solution for digitalising, automating and optimising field service-related processes since 1999. It offers planners real-time insights into the status of the jobs carried out by your field service engineers and the stock available to them. Field service engineers receive all of their orders digitally (on their smartphone, tablet or notebook) and handle the orders digitally too, wherever they may be. Once an order has been completed, invoicing and administration can be initiated immediately, thanks to a seamlessly integrated link to your ERP system. Could this be of benefit to your business?

The benefits of FieldAssist
  • Real-time information about orders, the location of your field service engineers and vehicles, and stocks of parts and materials)
  • Automation of numerous administrative tasks, including time sheets, direct debit mandates and invoicing details
  • Smart link to your ERP system
  • Increased productivity
  • Efficiency gain through cost savings
  • For smartphone, tablet and notebook
  • Database is a rich source of data for reports
  • Report generator with 18 management reports available as standard
  • Invoicing process initiated faster, with a shorter processing time
  • Higher level of service
  • Client for real-time information when on the road
  • Real-time insight into each status update
  • Increased flexibility
  • Available in several languages
  • Efficient stock management
Seamless integration with ERP systems

The best field service software for any business with field service operations

Each business is unique. That is why FieldAssist is flexible and can be set up to correspond to your specific requirements and processes. Our field service software is used in many fields, including the installation and maintenance, refrigeration and heating, security, ICT and telecoms sectors.

Direct access via Windows Phone 10

Switch easily between smartphone and notebook or tablet

Includes standard navigation software

Act fast using the FieldAssist second screen:

Read about a case in practice


Read about a case in practice

Cohesive time, distance and logistic management

An end to inefficient paperwork, such as work orders and inspection lists

Includes standard navigation software

FieldAssist offers full monitoring
of all your service processes:


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