Administration and invoicing using FieldAssist software

FieldAssist digitalises a large amount of administrative data: journey logging, time sheets, contract information, invoicing details and direct debit mandates, for example. Until now, entering such details into a system always was a time consuming process. FieldAssist records administrative data of this kind digitally and automatically transfers it to your ERP system. Automating your administrative and invoicing processes using FieldAssist’s field service software results in considerable savings in time and money.

The benefits of FieldAssist for administration and invoicing
  • Smart link to your ERP system
  • Automation of numerous administrative tasks, including time sheets, direct debit mandates and invoicing details
  • Invoicing process initiated faster, with a shorter processing time
  • Online retrieval of orders, inspection lists and other documents
  • Direct access to (daily) scheduling and customer, installation and machine data
  • Administrative data available automatically
  • Work orders can be signed digitally and printed out or e-mailed to the customer on the fly
  • Changes and updates can be entered immediately
Practical example

Field service engineer John has completed a repair order. He records his work using the FieldAssist Client on his Windows Phone or Tablet and asks his customer to sign digitally for completion. The customer then receives a digital confirmation of the order, which is sent to his mailbox, and at the office the invoice can now be prepared. There is no delay and no need to manually copy details from a paper worksheet into the system. The process is fast and error free, from order to invoice.


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