Digital access to the latest information using the Client and a 2nd screen

FieldAssist second screen

If you use a Windows Phone, you can benefit from the advantages of a second screen. By simply linking the smartphone to a notebook, you can then display all the FieldAssist data on both devices. Field service engineers can then switch between using their smartphone and their notebook without having to log in again or needing to re-enter details.

“Our customers end up in the most unimaginable situations in day-to-day practice. At FieldAssist, we have been translating such challenges into successful software solutions since 1999.” – Auke Walda, Managing Director of FieldAssist ”

Digital access to the latest information

The FieldAssist Client makes administrative paperwork superfluous for field service engineers. Paper work orders and inspection lists are a thing of the past. The Client supports your field service workforce as they carry out administrative work using a smartphone, tablet or notebook. The FieldAssist Client also ensures that your field service engineers always have the most up-to-date information from your ERP system available to them. Orders are assigned and processed wholly digitally. Customers then sign digitally on completion, whereupon the order is sent back to the back office. Within a few minutes, the client then receives a copy of the order form. Optimising your work processes using FieldAssist saves you time and money. It also increases customer satisfaction.

The benefits of the FieldAssist Client and second screen
  • Real-time information on the road
  • Direct access to scheduling and customer, installation and machine data
  • Link with navigation for route information at the touch of a button
  • Can be used online and offline
  • Switch between smartphone and tablet/notebook (with second screen)
  • Automation of numerous administrative tasks, including time sheets, direct debit mandates and invoicing details
  • Administrative data available automatically
  • Online retrieval of orders, inspection lists and other documents
  • Changes and updates can be entered immediately
  • Recording of materials used
  • Orders can be completed and signed off on site
  • Work orders can be digitally signed and printed out immediately
  • Tailor-made workflow
  • For smartphone, tablet and notebook
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Available in several languages
  • Create questionnaires and inspection lists yourself
  • Add photos to an order (back office field service team)

Making your field service operations digital

Your field service engineers are probably more than used to administrative paperwork or to a system you have developed yourself. Getting used to a digital system won’t take them long and they will then soon see the benefits of FieldAssist software combined with the Client. Professional support and the fact that the software is user-friendly make it easier for engineers to familiarise themselves with a digital system during the transitional phase.

Intuitive user interface

The user interface for the field service engineers is very intuitive. Thousands of field service engineers have already learned to use it and are fully satisfied with FieldAssist’s software.

Online and offline use

If one of your field service engineers is offline for a period of time (when in an area with poor network coverage, for example), then it is possible to carry on using the FieldAssist Client. Once a connection with a data network has been re-established, the data is synchronised. Both field service staff and office staff then have the most up-to-date information at their disposal once again.

Microsoft-based software

The FieldAssist Client is Microsoft-based. The software can be installed on any smartphone, tablet or notebook with Windows. There are no other limitations in terms of the device you choose. You can even connect peripheral equipment, such as a USB Signature Pad, a printer or a barcode scanner, to the software. Need some support or advice from FieldAssist? Just let us know.We will be happy to help you look for a solution.


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