Distance registration & Time sheets using FieldAssist software

rit-uren1Distance registration and hours accounting on an order starts when your field service engineer sets off to visit a customer. The field service engineer uses the mobile version of FieldAssist, known as the FieldAssist Client, for initiating this. The Client can easily be linked to various navigation systems – both those using the device on which the Client is installed and external navigation systems. Using the Client, the field service engineer is able to generate the optimum route to take to the next order automatically. Taking a wrong turn or an inefficient route are things of the past. On arrival, the field service engineer initiates the recording of the time spent on the order. The planner can see where the field service engineer is and can see whether the order is being carried out in accordance with the schedule.

Practical example

Field service engineer John indicates that he is leaving a customer’s address using the FieldAssist Client on his Windows Phone or Tablet. Thanks to FieldAssist second screen, he can decide for himself whether to use his smartphone or tablet for this, or he can simply switch between the two devices. John also uses the Client to indicate when he arrives, when he starts work and when the job has been completed. This results in a cohesive record of his journey and the time spent on the job, which is immediately available to back office staff.

Online and offline journey logging and time sheets

If a field service engineer has no internet connection for a period of time, then he can still carry on using the Client. Once a connection has been re-established, the data is synchronised.

The benefits of FieldAssist for journey logging and time sheets
  • Insight into travelling, working and non-productive hours
  • Information regarding the current location of field service staff using GPS
  • Automation of numerous administrative tasks, including time sheets, direct debit mandates and invoicing details

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