FieldAssist’s mission and vision

FieldAssist’s mission

Through its FieldAssist solution, FieldAssist International B.V.’s aim is product leadership, which it strives to achieve through implementing strategic product policy by means of new versions and technological developments. This makes FieldAssist the most suitable and most comprehensive product for automating field service operations.

Out of the box
FieldAssist supplies a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution for field service management. The solution integrates as standard with most common ERP systems. Templates for specific branches have also been developed. Local, national and international partner resellers sell and implement FieldAssist around the world, working in accordance with a Partner Account Plan.

FieldAssist’s vision

All over the world the demand for field service software is increasing considerably, due in part to the technology and telecommunication options available. In addition, increasing numbers of businesses will need to find ways of differentiating themselves and of adding value through the services they provide.

Efficient, successful businesses therefore focus on the following key concepts:

  • Product responsibility
  • Customer loyalty through satisfied customers
  • Result improvement through increased efficiency

FieldAssist fulfils all of the requirements such businesses make in terms of the automation of their field service activities. FieldAssist offers the tools that allow such businesses to be efficient and successful.


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