Efficiency & Return On Investment for field service software

ROIFA-terugverdientijdIn times of a challenging economic climate investments are more considered than when there is a prosperous economic climate. In particular investments in the optimization of business processes. With the field service software of FieldAssist you invest in the optimization of your field service processes. But what is the return on investment? What value does it add to the company?

To answer these questions in an understandable way, FieldAssist introduces an advanced online calculation tool called ROIFA: Return On Investment FieldAssist. Using this dynamic calculation tool makes it possible for everyone to gain insight into the payback period and the yield of the field service software FieldAssist.

The complete ROIFA calculation has been created from a large spreadsheet where different parameters and formulas lead to a personal outcome. Based on eight variables it will show you immediately your return on investment time and efficiency. As a next step, we will fine-tune the calculation with data input of your organization.

About FieldAssist
With the software FieldAssist you get the most out of your (service). Digitize the entire field service process by planning orders digitally and then handle using a notebook, tablet or smartphone. FieldAssist can be used as a module of the ERP system of your organization (optional). Thanks to a broad standard functionality and user friendliness of the application is FieldAssist International BV since 1999 a reliable partner in field service automation.

Try it for yourself!
Curious about the return on investment and profitability for your organization? ROIFA is free and accessible to everyone via www.ROIFA.nl. After completing eight variables, you will immediately see the result!

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