FieldAssist Office Web, the web-based back office module

FieldAssist Office Web is the web-based back office module for FieldAssist. FieldAssist Office Web adds significant value as a supplement to your ERP system. However, FieldAssist Office Web is also an excellent tool when not linked to an ERP system. It allows office staff to manage all your customer, contract and installation details.

Linking FieldAssist to ERP

FieldAssist can be integrated seamlessly with virtually any ERP system. Retrieving and saving data such as customer details and order information is crucial if efficiency is to be improved. A link between FieldAssist and your ERP system adds value immediately.

Service history through FieldAssist Office Web

FieldAssist Office Web allows you to look up the full service history of any order. A customer’s service history can be accessed from various entry points and clearly details past activity, installations and completed orders

Contract management through FieldAssist Office Web

The web-based FieldAssist Office Web module makes it easy to manage service and other contracts in a clear and convenient way. All contract information (such as terms and conditions, fix times, response times, maintenance agreements, etc.) is documented and easy to retrieve using the FieldAssist Office Web module.


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