Order intake using FieldAssist software

Field Service Process Cycle

The process cycle is initiated by a new order. The order may be for service, maintenance, repair or inspection. The added value of using FieldAssist software in terms of your scheduling and your field service operations immediately becomes clear during this first phase of the process cycle. When a new order arrives, your planner opens the FieldAssist Planning Board. The software has the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook and allows the planner to see straight away which field service engineers are available in the region in question and whether their skills (skill level matrix, any qualifications) match the order. The planner then assigns the order to a field service engineer by simply dragging and dropping. The order is synchronised with the field service engineer’s mobile device (smartphone and/or tablet/notebook) immediately following assignment. The process cycle has now been initiated.

Practical example

John is a field service engineer and his working day starts while he is still at home, having breakfast. He picks up his Windows Phone or Tablet and sees the orders he needs to complete displayed in the FieldAssist Client. The planner has taken the stock John has on his vehicle into account, so there is no need for him to go to the warehouse first. He selects an order and, at the touch of a button, navigates to his first destination. Once he arrives, he fills the customer’s request and records his work using the FieldAssist Client. Using his Windows Phone, he can attach a photo or document to the order without any problem. The customer then signs off the order with a digital signature and John can set off to the next order.

Handling of orders and inspections

Handling orders digitally means that use can be made of smart functionalities, such as digital signatures, management alerts and memos. It is also easy to take specific parameters into account in the workflow. For example, an automatically generated inspection list can be linked to an order based on installation type, product group, item or customer. This means no unnecessary paperwork or superfluous tasks and instead an optimised service process.

The benefits of FieldAssist for orders and inspections
  • Online retrieval of digital orders, inspection lists and other documents
  • Orders can be handled and completed on site
  • Work orders can be signed off digitally and printed out immediately
  • Recording of materials used
  • Changes and updates can be entered immediately
  • Automation of numerous administrative tasks, including time sheets, direct debit mandates and invoicing details
  • Administrative data available automatically
  • Scheduling according to the calendar, per field service engineer or on the basis of urgency
  • Create questionnaires and inspection lists yourself
  • Add photos to an order (back office field service team)

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