Generate valuable management reports using FieldAssist Reports

FieldAssist Reports: generate valuable management reports

Using FieldAssist Reports, you can generate valuable management information in an instant. The FieldAssist database contains an enormous amount of data, which is perfect for generating management reports. FieldAssist Reports offer you a choice of 18 standard reports, ranging from performance per field service engineer and average duration per order to stock transactions and insight into first-time fixes. The database helps you to obtain an even better grip on your KPIs.

FieldAssist Reports is a part of the FieldAssist application and is supplied as standard.

The benefits of FieldAssist Reports
  • Increased grip on KPIs
  • Efficiency gain through cost savings
  • Database is a rich source of data for reports
  • Report generator with 18 management reports available as standard
  • Higher level of service
  • Efficient stock management
  • Increased productivity
  • Clear pointers for operational management
  • Insight into travelling, working and non-productive hours
  • Tailor-made workflow

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