Management reports using FieldAssist software

FieldAssist provides a large amount of useful data for generating a wide range of reports. All of the recorded data in FieldAssist (such as information about work hours, travelling time, first fixes and use of materials) is collated, filtered and combined in order to generate practical, efficient management reports, without having to use your ERP data directly. The management reports generated using FieldAssist are of great value for optimising processes and for managing staff.

The benefits of FieldAssist Reports
  • Increased grip on KPIs
  • Efficiency gain through cost savings
  • Database is a rich source of data for reports
  • Report generator with 18 management reports available as standard
  • Higher level of service
  • Efficient stock management
  • Increased productivity
  • Clear pointers for operational management
  • Insight into travelling, working and non-productive hours
Practical example

Service Manager Dave is responsible for field service operations. It is important that he keeps to the agreed KPIs in order to keep his customers happy. As all activities are recorded in one central database, it is easy for Dave to generate reports himself. This enables him to keep a grip on matters and allows him to continuously optimise processes.


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