Digital scheduling of field service operations using FieldAssist

Scheduling is easy using FieldAssist’s digital scheduling module. A clear overview allows your planner to see which field service engineers are available, what their schedules are and where they are located. This makes the scheduling and adjusting of orders very efficient.

Mobile connection with scheduling and second screen

Your field service staff are connected directly to the office planning board thanks to the FieldAssist Client on their smartphone, tablet and/or notebook. The precise location of each field service team member is displayed using GPS. The status of each order is updated at key events: dispatch to the customer, arrival at the customer’s address, start of work, end of work and departure from the customer’s address. Whenever an order is updated, the status change of the order is reflected by a color change of the order on the planning board. This information means that you can offer your customers optimum service, as your office staff are always aware of the current situation and can therefore obtain accurate information, anticipate situations and take action whenever necessary. Your field service staff always have access to the most recent information and, using a second screen, are able to switch easily between mobile devices – from smartphone to tablet or notebook and vice versa.

Plan Viewer as a management tool

The Plan Viewer is a practical and comprehensive management tool that displays current scheduling. Using the Plan Viewer, the planner can monitor whether everything is going according to schedule – for example, if specific KPIs or reaction times have been set.

The benefits of FieldAssist for scheduling
      • Information regarding the current location of field service staff using GPS
      • Real-time information about orders, the location of your field service engineers and vehicles, and stocks of parts and materials
      • Drag and drop scheduling module
      • Scheduling according to the calendar, per field service engineer or based on urgency
      • Clear pointers for operational management
      • Intuitive user interface
      • Insight into travelling, working and non-productive hours
      • Increased flexibility
      • Changes and updates can be entered immediately
      • Available in several languages
Practical example

At the office, Paul is a service planner for a team of 15 field service engineers. GPS allows him to see where each one of them is at any time. He has scheduling fully under control, as the status of each order can be seen in real time. So he always knows if a field service engineer is on the road, working on an order or stuck in traffic, for example. Urgent orders can be assigned easily, this way the right field service engineer is at the right place as quickly as possible. The planning board is a handy tool for keeping track of overall scheduling.


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