Insight into materials used and stock management using FieldAssist software

FieldAssist provides you with an immediate insight into materials (parts) used by your staff through a direct link with your ERP system. Through providing a direct insight into materials used, FieldAssist allows you to manage your stock efficiently. Your field service engineers can also easily record the transfer of materials to other engineers using FieldAssist’s software.

The benefits of FieldAssist for stock management
  • Real-time information about orders, the location of your field service engineers and vehicles, and stocks of parts and materials
  • Recording of materials used
  • Continuous insight into all stock movements
  • Insight into materials exchanged between staff
  • Efficient stock management
Practical example

Field service engineers John and George are working on one order together. They are, just like every other engineer, responsible and accountable for their own car stock.

It’s important that inbound parts are added to the car stock and that outbound parts are substracted from it. Through FieldAssist parts can be transferred from one engineer to the other easily and without any errors.

For example, John can use a part from George’s stock, with the digital transfer being immediately effected within FieldAssist. At the same time, the warehouse is immediately informed of the current stock on board the vehicles and¬†orders to replenish the car stock of the engineers can be initiated.


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